Why buy a RB30 from Outsider Garage?

As our current pallet of RB30s leave for the wharf in Australia this week, I thought it would be nice to write a post about the advantages of buying a RB30 from Outsider Garage.
#1. Our Experience:
We have been doing this for a while now, and we have forged incredibly strong relationships overseas that we trust and rely on. We've imported many pallets, containers and even cars. This has given us the opportunity to not only learn the ins and outs but also to develop a process and product that works best for our customers.
#2. Our Process:
Our Blocks our sourced in Austrailia by Boost Doc. They are first disassembled, then ball honed to check for cylinder wall issues like rust pitting, inspected for cracks and detrimental defects, then critical components are sprayed with a anti-corrosive coating to prevent rust while traveling overseas. They are then carefully packed onto a metal caged pallet and sent on their way, bound for the USA.
#3. Our Guarantee:
We guarantee a 86.5mm Bore for your build. What does this mean exactly? The blocks we import are stock 86mm bore. We recommend all blocks are bored to 86.5mm for fresh builds. In the event the block does have an issue preventing this, it will be replaced or refunded. This has happened only twice in past 100 or so blocks that we've imported, and we have stood by our product and taken care of our customers. We have now strengthened our inspection process to reduce these incidents. Furthermore, we import on a regular basis and generally have both blocks and cranks in stock and available for replacement purposes if required.
To sum things up, there are a few options for getting a 30 in the US, but Outsider Garage is bringing them in frequently and in bulk. We have a good product and we guarantee it.
We do have a couple S2 pre-orders left on our incoming Pallet and a couple S1 blocks in stock ready to ship. We can also import built RB30 blocks as well. PM us for details.

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