Nissan R-Chassis (Skyline) Complete DBW Conversion Kits

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A few items where missing from the package due to an updated inventory/shipping list but they honored the items that where listed in the old kit and shipped very quickly!

Appreciate your patience and understanding. We looked into it further and we found the app that controls the kit options on our website was malfunctioning causing no options to show at all. We've identified this and remedied the issue. This was 100% our error and we are glad to honor the remainder of the kit options for you. Good luck with your install - we look forward to seeing some photos!

C.W. (Nashville, US)
Quality. No other way to describe it!

Outsider Garages DBW kit is worth every penny! Easy to install, wire up & the throttle response out of my RB is unmatched. Machine quality on the adapters is extremely nice & the fit / finish is perfect. Whenever we had questions, OG was happy to answer them. If you’re having hesitations on spending the money, don’t. It’s worth EVERY LAST PENNY!

Bruce Wood (Cwmbran, GB)
What a company

Thrilled to have the DBW conversion kit arrive for my RB25, communication was great answered all my questions, fast delivery to the UK bit of a pain paying extra customs charges. Not installed the kit yet but the build quality looks 10/10, excited to get this kit installed! Would buy from outside garage again 🙏

Alex Scott (Oak Ridge, US)
What are you waiting for? Just DO IT (as Shia LaBeouf)

He didn't reinvent the wheel. He took a readily available and proven 350Z pedal and throttle body and makes some Impeccable adapter flanges to match basically every intake plenum; the tolerance is ridiculously tight but still easy to install.

The customer service of OG is really the best part of the kit. Response time when I came across issues was better than any other company I've dealt with. I want to buy the whole catalog now! Constant R&D is keeping the skyline community alive.

Speaking of response time: throttle response is now instant and allows me to adjust parameters in the haltech to have better launch control and even add cruise control.

Shane Therrien (Peoria, US)

Complete Nissan DBW Conversion Kits (Skyline/RB/SR and more)