Splash Plates - Why do you need them?

The Nissan RB series of engines are notorious for their oiling issues. Many consider this to be the Achilles heel of a otherwise fantastic engine. Besides the shortcomings of Nissan OEM oil pumps, another major oil issue is oil pooling in the head and excessive blow-by under high RPM. Oil catch cans & external head drains are a necessity whenever you are preparing an engine to see high RPM on a frequent basis. However, on hard track days, we still see that catch can filling up with oil.

Enter splash plates. Designed to reduce breather issues by capturing the oil being flung from the camshafts before it can get to the valve cover breathers. They help keep the oil inside your engine where it belongs rather than in your catch can. Through testing, we've found that on a typical track day an RB can fill up a catch can fairly quick. After installing Splash plates on the same vehicle and giving it the same thrashing on the track, the catch can is nearly empty. 

The plates are very easy to install, as all stock fasteners are retained, and no stock parts will require modifications to bolt this kit into place. As you can see from the pictures, the plates sit snugly inside the rocker cover. Simply swap out the stock splash plates and upgrade with these!

Order here: https://outsidergarage.com/collections/boost-doc/products/rb-twin-cam-splash-plates



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