RB20/25/26 R35 Coil pack bracket

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Update those old stock coils

This adapter is the best on the market. Clean, simple and easy to install.

It allows those with a RB engine to upgrade to new age coils without any hassle. Makes for getting replacements easier too if they ever go bad. No need to find something to fit when you can simple get new ones online or at a local parts store.

My advice is to buy the whole kit, then it's just simply plug and play.

Samuel Willems
Best modification

After searching forever for coil packs for my s1, stumbled across this and gave it a try. Hands down the favorite thing I’ve done to my car. Looks great, perfect fitment , and very simple install. With this bracket I can finally run quality coils like the r35 ones.

Easy install, great quality!

Was super easy to install and the YouTube instruction was easy to follow and get the bracket installed for the correct head. Love the simplicity and quality of the product and for the price it’s way worth it!!! 10 out of 10

David Stanley
Excellent quality

This kit fit great on my RB20DET with no issues and the fact that it uses the stock R35 stalks was a huge bonus for me as the aftermarket ones are super expensive! Quality was phenomenal, all pieces fit great and snug. The bracket was significantly lighter than stock as an added bonus!